Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trisha's Table
by Trisha Yearwood

This cookbook is super easy to read and beautifully written but not one that I will be using in my kitchen. I liked that her husband, Garth Brooks, wrote the forward and signed it it Mr. Yearwood that was super cute and you can tell that everyone who helped and supported the cookbook really love it. I unfortunately am not a fan of the all the short cuts it takes. I rather have an actual recipe instead of it saying baking mix and then suggesting bisquick or having a pizza dough recipe instead of saying to use a remade pilsbury dough. I already know I can pick most of that stuff up in my home and make various things in them but to have a pizza dough recipe would be way more helpful. I have already given this book away as I can tell its not one I will ever reach for with so many options out there, but just because it doesn't meet my needs it still may be something you enjoy. 

**I received this book free for my honest review.**

Review: The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook

The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook
by Mike Berenstain

My son and I went through this cookbook and decided it wasn't a cookbook that we'll keep in our collection and we passed it along to another family that we thought would enjoy it a bit better than us. I've never been a huge fan of the Berenstain Bears to begin with but I do remember than from my childhood as I'm sure many others do as well and this will more than likely be a great for those of you. 

They do have some great simple recipes to get the kids ready and helping in the kitchen, but unfortunately none of them were appealing to us or we already make something similar and have our favorite recipe. I would definitely recommend this to Berenstain fans and children who don't already have a knack for recipes and the kitchen, but we let our little guy adapt recipes to his liking and use regular cookbooks so we will not try any other children's cookbooks in the future. 

**We received this book free for our honest review.**