Friday, August 16, 2013

My New Obsession

As most of you know I love to cook, I love to have nice things in my kitchen, which constantly leads to new obsessions. I LOVE dutch ovens and would have many more if space and my hubby would allow it! He thinks four is plenty but I think you need one in every size, in every shape, from every company that is worth cooking in but thats me and that is totally an old obsession that is so hard to keep in check.

The new obsession Pyrex, not just any old pyrex though it has to be Vintage Pyrex. You know the stuff you see in your grandma's cupboards from the 50's and 60's, when it was still made in the U.S. Plus its beautiful, it has such amazing patterns, and new patterns are constantly popping. Now only if I had the money to buy the new patterns popping up! One thing I didn't know when I started collecting it this year is that it seems to be such a popular thing to do! Ugh! That makes prices a bit higher than I was hoping for and of course our thrift stores around here suck, but I'm hoping I'll have better luck when we move to Texas next year!!

I have also been being introduced to other vintage kitchen items and so the downward spiral begins! LOL

You can see my awesome cookie jar to the side its a Bartlett Collins and I'm in love with it!
I just LOVE these stacking canisters!
I also have the amazing cookie jar in the background and few other things that are not pyrex such as an amazing pink chip and dip set! I sadly don't have pictures to share at this time, but now for some of my beloved pyrex!

My first couple of weeks not much but trust me I have  a lot more now LOL
I need 3 more to complete this set! Its called barcode and its awesome (473, 474)!
Sage with gold scroll (045) and below is opal with green scroll (043). The top is a larger size and I have since bought a lid for the bottom one :) 

I love everything scroll and would love all the different shapes and colors one day.

blue tulips (043)

Saxony or Tree of Life (475) This is the hubby's faves 

Lace Medallion (045) This is one of my faves
I have an obsession for the Pyrex Family Flair. I seriously love it and its my favorite part of all the Pyrex out there and was only made for maybe two years. I also have some in yellow and only the pink bowls, but I need more pink in my life!
I love love Butterprint. And some of these are my first pieces, others I got on ebay and others I picked up in person. I still have a few more pieces to get to complete this set and I hope its in the near future!! I also have two of the yellow butterprint (so hard to find!) and maybe one day just one day I'll find the pink butterprint!

I love all the blues and turquoises in Pyrex and that is mostly what I collect if you couldn't tell! If you look above my first piece was a divided snowflake dish (turquoise on white) and I got these ones just need three more to complete my set! I also just got an open baker that is white on turquoise so now I only need three more to complete that set! 
This is just some of my collection. I wish we had room to display it all so I could show how beautiful it all looks together! I can't wait to add more!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Lego Table

I have decided this year to make Nathan a lego table for Christmas. I just could not find one that I loved and ones that were super neat were way out of our budget so I got the brilliant idea of making one for him. I finally found the perfect coffee table and just picked it up today for only 10 bucks! I am super excited about the price! It also has drawers and a place to store baskets under it so that is a perfect solution to storing legos not in use, but now to decide what color to paint it and figure out how we want to do the top! I'm super excited about this project ya'll!

Here's a pic of our coffee table :) Our before! Can't wait to show you the after!

PS Aren't the knobs great?!?!


Ok I have the blog as up to date about the last year as its going to get! We've had a lot of changes! Moving from Italy to Florida, making new friends (which as ya'll know can be very trying), and just adjusting to life back in the states. Its been hard to say the least but at least we're doing it together and we have finally made some friends worth having in our life.

Nathan has turned three and he is getting so big. I cannot believe how quickly he is growing and he is sooo smart. I don't even know where to begin with how smart our little man is! He LOVES to learn and is currently obsessed with spelling. He talks non stop and has the sweetest personality and the a weird sense of humor that I just adore. He loves us and we love him and he's just our world.

We have been talking about adopting again but it just hasn't fit into our life yet and we have some big changes coming and we don't think it will fit in our life then either. So for now Nathan will be an only child but honestly I don't think he minds. He gets everyones attention being the only grandchild in my family and the only grandson in the hubby's family! He is definitely spoiled, but he is still such a kind boy who shares so its not too bad :).

We are looking forward to the next chapter in our life! We are super excited that we will be moving to Texas sometime next spring so look out about posts on our move!

It will be nice to be near family and friends again. It has been so long since we've actually been near family and old friends (not new mil ones) and it will just be nice to be able to catch up and have the option to be near family without it costing an arm and a leg!

We have also decided to homeschool since the hubby will be working long and crazy hours and we want to make it as easy as possible for Nathan to see his daddy and for daddy to have father son time with his little man. We had been talking about homeschooling for sometime and this move has definitely made it official. At least for the time we'll be in Texas. 

So look out for how we do with homeschooling as well! This is definitely going to be an adventure and I hope I do well!

Reenlistment and a Wedding :) (May 2013)

May was a busy month for us, but a fun one! My amazing hubby re-enlisted in the Air Force! We are definitely lifers and couldn't be happier about it! We love the military life and couldn't imagine not being a part of it! I am not sure what we'll do when it comes time for retirement but it will definitely be a huge change to civilian life, but one I'm sure we'll manage since we'll be doing it together. I'm so lucky to have married such an amazing man, who loves to take care of his family, and is so proud to serve his country!

This month we also got to go to my sister in laws wedding! We were excited to actually get to go up to Michigan and see everyone. We finally got to meet our niece and her and Nathan are now best buds and he is constantly asking to go back and see his cousin Kara! We also got to meet tons of other family that we haven't been able to meet in the past and Nathan loves his cousin Olivia as well! We will def have to be planning a trip up there again!!

Well the wedding was great. We got to help decorate some and both my boys were in the wedding. They both looked extremely handsome in their tuxedos and of course I got tons of pics because who knows the next time everyone will be so dressed up! It was just great to get to spend time with everyone and that Nathan was able to see his grandparents and spend time with his aunts and cousins (and of course his new Uncle Seth!). Nathan did find it necessary to walk down the aisle twice which is something I'm sure no one will forget but it was so darn cute I can't help but laugh about it now!

While in Michigan, Nathan got to ride a four wheel for the first time (which he calls a motorcycle silly boy) and loved every minute of it! We will def have to get some of our own! And his grandpa spoiled him by letting him ride a bulldozer! And then we went to Muskegon and him and Kara got to ride the train in the mall and we also took Nathan over the Mackinaw bridge. Sadly we weren't able to go the island because it was too foggy but there is always next time!

Now enjoy the pics!