Monday, December 12, 2011

A Great Weekend

We had a truly great fun filled weekend. We went to the ACES Adult Christmas Party on Friday night and had such a great time. It was our first night out together without Nathan since he's been born so it was so weird to leave him behind when we left the house. Our super amazing friend Almaz babysat him for us and I think Nathan worn her out LOL.

The part was at a very nice restuarant in Polcenigo. We played games, came home with wine, a white elephant gift and full bellies. We drank wine, chatted, took pics and just enjoyed a grow up evening out. It was fun to laugh at everyone playing the games, being silly, and having a good time together. The food was great, the wine yummy, and the company even better. We couldn't have asked for a better first night out!

First course

second course along with the gnocchi below


and finally the fourth dessert the hubby's looked similar to this but didn't taste as good

our loot!

Saturday was a lazy day for us until we got up and got dressed and headed over to the William's house so that the guys could brew beer. Nathan played and played and was so worn out when we left their house it was great LOL. It was also the night of the squadron party but we decided not to go. They're never really that fun, they're crowded and the food usually sucks so we opted to go to the ACES one the night before. Plus we didn't want to leave Nathan two nights in a row. Its really not fair to him and we love being with him so we stayed home ate and watched movies together which in our mind was way better than being around a bunch of people drinking :)

On Sunday the MXG had a children's party which was so much fun! It was greatly organized. Santa came on a fire truck, they had so many activities for the kids, yummy food to snack on, a bouncy castle for the bigger kiddos, and of course pics with Santa! Nathan enjoyed most of it. He even walked up to Santa and sat on his lap but he kind of froze and wouldn't move, smile, talk nothing. I think he was terrified but at least he didn't cry. So we got a couple pics of our frozen baby and then momma rescued him from Santa. It was a fun day and Nathan made a new ornament for our tree. We saw a lot of great people and their kids their as well. I really look forward to future children's party and hope our next base has a great one as well!

I am looking forward to another one tomorrow that the ACES is hosting for the kids! Hopefully this time Nathan will smile in the Santa pic! I'm sure he's going to enjoy all the activities and kids though :) He loves to follow the big kids around!

Coloring table with Jasmine and Katlyn!

and candy canes yum!

Coloring with daddy is always tons of fun!
Fishing for prizes!

He caught one!

decorating ornaments

(more pics to come...I haven't been able to post many pics lately since its not working properly for me for some reaon)