Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Learning to Cook/Bake

We thought it would be fun to start letting Nathan help us in the kitchen with different cooking and baking activities. We picked out a couple of simple things he could help us with in the kitchen this week. The first thing we did was we learned to make cupcakes.

We took Nathan to the store and let him pick out his own cake mix, sprinkles. and frosting and then after his nap we got started on making cupcakes. I set out everything premeasured so he would just have to pretty much dump everything into the bowl and mix. Daddy helped him crack the eggs so there wouldn't be any egg shells in them. Nathan LOVED it. He had so much fun and had the silliest happy faces the whole time he did it. He didn't even try to stick his hands or anything into the mix so that was an awesome plus :)

A couple of days later we helped him make mini pizzas for everyone for dinner and one day for lunch. He put on the pizza sauce and spread it, put cheese and pepperoni one top and then watched daddy put them in the oven.

He really enjoyed doing this and I'm going to have to look for some more easy cooking/baking projects that we can do with him in the near future. We really love doing simple activities like this that get his imagination going! He truly is a smart and loveable little man!

Now enjoy Nathan's Baking/Cooking Adventure pics :) (I do think we should get him a chef's hat and apron LOL):

Here are a few pics I'm going to have to load more later...I need to quit using the blog loader and use an outside one!