Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've Totally Slacked

Ok, so I never finished posting pics of Germany. I know I know slacker right?!?!

We also went a beer, grappa, and wine tasting tour here in Italy in I believe it was Bossano (probably spelled horribly wrong!) and it was fun for the most part and totally looooooooooonng. We went on a tour with the base so of course there were quite a few young people (not that we're totally old) that drank entirely too much and just made the trip seem so much longer than it was (well 16 hours with strangers is a long time any way you look at it). We lost drunk people, found drunk people, let drunk people drink even more (God only knows why!), and we finally made it home.

I was soooooooooo beyond tired by the time we finally made it back to Aviano and I was so thankful we lived so close to where we had left from. I just crawled into bed and past out (not because I was drunk because after all one of us had to drive home).

We have found some really pretty places to visit when we have friends and family come out this way. But we will never again in this lifetime go on another drinking tour with the base and I mean ever! I would post the few pics that I took but photobucket is being crazy and not uploading my pics! Stupid Photobucket! I guess I need to find somewhere new...

I really should finish posting pics of Germany as well cause I'm sure some of you are acutally interested in seeing them (the all three of you that prob actually read this blog!).

I'll have to find somewhere else to host my pics but until I have nothing new to share (I know I know I'm in Italy and I should have seen all of Europe already, but its hard when one works crazy hours all the time and we're both in school).