Sunday, January 20, 2013

Its Been a Year!

I can't believe its been a year since the last time I posted! I guess I got caught up in life and forgot that I was blogging! I mean I know ya'll have just been dying to know how our little family is doing and to see pictures of the most adorable little man in the world! I can't believe I didn't even post pictures for his 2nd birthday party! I will def have to do that tomorrow for ya'll to see how much fun he had at his Thomas the Train themed birthday party. It was his last one in Italy. In the past year we said our good byes to living overseas and we are now back stateside in Florida. Part of the reason I quit blogging was to get in the swing of things for the move. I mean you know how it is you have to organize figure out what you can live without for a few months, figure out how to pack your life into a suitcase because that is what you'll be living out of for the next several weeks, and figure out how you're going to entertain a two year old while all his toys are going to be packed away for a good 2 months! Well we survived it all and have been stateside starting our new adventure for about 7 months now. Florida is different. Its hot. We had no snow this year! None! And I can wear a flip-flops and my toes will NEVER freeze, ok so I enjoy that part but I do miss colder weather. This is definitely not the Florida ya'll see on t.v. either so we were a bit disappointed, but its still beautiful and we learned the hard way September is jellyfish month so stay OUT of the water. I'm sure as we adjust to being back in the states we'll grow to love and miss this place as we do all the places we call home, but until then I want some damn snow!

Here is a mix of pics from the last year! Enjoy!!

(pics to come tomorrow or monday :) )