Friday, January 24, 2014

Already Planning!

As most of you know I am kind of obsessed with birthday parties for my little man and yes I have already started planning for his 4th birthday party in March! I seriously cannot believe his birthday is actually so close but I'm super excited to have the best birthday party yet!

This year our theme is construction and its a huge mix of things! We'll have "mighty machines" as Nathan calls them to play with in the sandbox (a steam roller, excavator, and dump truck), we'll be building birdhouses with the older kids, we'll be mixing "cement" which is actually make your own sidewalk chalk, and I've bought two workbenches so far!

I have the party favors for the older kids done/picked out already:

I am thinking fun sand toys for the littler people prob 2 and under category.

I have gotten some ideas off pinterest but I do prefer using google overall lol or just staring at something and hoping an idea pops into my head! But these are a few of the ideas I have in mind of his party not entirely sure yet still working out the details :)

I just adored this idea of having multiple work benches and I'm too cheap to buy them brand new so I've been keeping my eye on craigslist and the local for sale pages and have two so far for a reasonable price :)

I am thinking a birthday cake similar to this would be fun :) I already bought the "mighty machines" from the dollar store!

I'm still working on food. I think we're going to do brown sack lunches with sandwiches, chips, and a juice box like they're taking lunch to "work" since we plan on having a pretend workday. We shall see how it all plays out in March though :) I can't wait to set everything up and share the results!