Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Citrus Lane: January Box

Citrus Lane: January 2015 Box

So we have been getting Nathan Citrus Lane Boxes for a few months now and we have been overall pretty happy with them. He has gotten some really great puzzles, books, snacks, and other various items but for the month of January was it just me or did it kind of really suck?

These two items are definitely cute and I am glad that they added colored pencils and something to use them with but honestly not too crazy about the placemats. The pad is kind of large to carry around with you and there really is no need for coloring placements at home.
These I will admit were pretty darn neat BUT they only give you 20! With only 20 of these pieces there isn't much you can do. It was kind of a pointless set to have and I ended up giving it away to another friend who happens to get these boxes so that at least one kid could have a few more pieces to try to actually do something with.
They also included a sample to these vitamins which Nathan seemed to enjoy but we won't be getting them again as I don't want my child thinking that vitamins are candy as you can have too much of a good thing. The last thing they included in the box was a card for Fabletics which was awful to add as an item to the box since you can find that same deal anywhere on the internet. If I had paid full price for this box I would have been even more upset about the items in the box. It was by far the worst and you'd think they want to start the year out with a bang! I did buy this box on my own with coupons I found online.