Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Review: Soul Food Love

Soul Food Love: Healthy Recipes Inspired by One Hundred Years of Cooking in a Black Family
By Alice Randall & Caroline Randall Williams

This cookbook is absolutely beautiful, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I didn't realize the first half of the book would be nothing but family stories. I did find them interesting but I don't normally buy cookbooks to read them, its just not my thing. I like cookbooks to be beautifully illustrated and the recipes to be easy to follow. This cookbook did have pictures but not as many as I would have liked and in all honesty a couple of the recipes were just silly. In the dessert section there was a recipe that said to serve a thimble of burbon and dark chocolate. I guess that would be good as a random tip somewhere in the book but shouldn't take up a full page of a cookbook. Overall its a beautiful book and the quality is great, but its not one that I will keep in my collection. It is also one I won't be recommending to family or friends. 

 **I did receive this book free from the publishers for my honest opinion.**