Thursday, November 13, 2008

The History of the Church

We have this beautiful round church right across the street from our home and there is a statue of Padre Marco D'Aviano next to it, so I was curious to who this man was. (As you can tell I have entirely too much time on my hands at the moment)


The Church


The statue

The History:

He was alive during the period of 1631-1699 and born to the name of Carlo Domenico Cristofori. He was attracted to a life of martyrdom and religious conquest from a young age. At the age of 16 he tried to reach the island of Crete where the Venetians were at war with the Ottoman Turks. Arriving at a Capuchin convent, he was welcomed by the superior who, after providing him with food and rest, advised him to return home.Deeply inspired by his encounter with the Capuchins, he felt that God was calling him to enter the order. In 1648, he entered the novitiate of the Capuchins. A year later, he professed his vows and was given the name "Friar Mark of Aviano".

Marco d'Aviano's life changed unexpectedly on 1676 when he gave his blessing to a nun who had been bedridden for some 13 years. Upon receiving Friar Mark's blessing, she was healed. The news of the "miraculous blessing" spread, and it was not long before the sick came to him in search of his blessing.

He is also credited with having united Christian forces against invading Ottoman Turks outside Vienna in 1683. After the Turkish forces fled they left behind sacks of coffee beans which the Europeans found too bitter to drink, so they sweetened it with honey and milk. The resulting drink acquired the name capuccino after the d'Avaino's Capuchin order of monks. I thought this was a cool trivia fact that can't be totally proved but still interesting none the less.

There is more about him just google him and you'll get pages of different people that he helped lead and many stories about how capuccino came to be.


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