Sunday, November 2, 2008

My First Italian Pizza

My wonderful hubby bought me my first Italian pizza the night before he had to leave. We went down the road to this place called Mach 1 pizza. My hubby not being so brave to try new things when he's hungry we just went with a pizza with American Pepperoni on it and yes the menu doesn't just call it pepperoni its American Pepperoni.

It definitely has a different flavor to it. Its not bad just something I was not use to at first. It is also super thin. Almost paper thin LOL. It was good but not if you like that thick chicago style crust.

I also got an orange Fanta because for some reason I love orange soda. Well this orange soda sure doesn't taste like the Fanta you would pick up in the states so I was a little disappointed at first but now its something I'll probably miss when I get back to the states.


Look at all that greasy goodness!!


Me with my first piece.


As you can see he was really hungry and couldn't wait for me to take his pic LOL.


We also went Christmas shopping before we picked up our food. This is for my friend's mom. Just thought it was super pretty and I would share. No Meghan and Mom I will not be posting what I got you! Its a surprise!! If I've even picked your gifts LOL!!


Jennifer said...

I actually like the Fanta over there better than the Fanta here. It isn't as sweet. I really missed regular Coke though! The Coke over there tastes kinda flat and doesn't have as much flavor to it. *wrinkles nose* If there's any food items you can't find in Italy and want me to send, just let me know. Miss ya, take care.