Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Eve

We didn't do anything exciting at all! Except we went and got Jerry his 42" HDTV, so to him it was big thing! He obviously hooked up his PS3 that he got for Christmas and put one of his Blu-ray discs in to see how clear it looks LOL. So I spent the whole night looking at the different video games on both the 360 and the PS3 and he had to show me how clear they looked and then I had to see a regular dvd to only put on a blu-ray one so I could see the difference. He is still excited about his t.v. and I'm totally over it LOL.

He worked the whole week except for New Year's Day, so we just hung out at the house with our dogs. It did snow again on New Year's Day, but I didn't take anymore pics. I figured I posted enough pics of the snow here LOL.

We did go out for one of Jerry's co-workers birthdays. We went to this restuarant called "Boi Gordo" and its a Brazilian steakhouse. The side dishes are served buffet style and the meat is cooked rotisserie style and brought right up to your table and they slice fresh pieces right on to your plate. It is all you can eat and they come by with several differnt kinds of meats and they keep coming until you feel like you're totally going to bust! Then for desert they bring this amazing rotisserie cooked pineapple. It is coated in cinnamon and sugar and then put in the rotisserie and cooked. It is so good. I love pineapple as it is but this was beyond amazing!! If you ever see a Brazilian steakhouse near you I would go in just for the pineapple!!

I again didn't take any pics of anything this week. I know I know slacker right?!?!?

We did go to an Italian mall as well. The stores are tiny, the clothes are expensive, and they are tiny! Jerry couldn't even fit into an Italian XXL if he wanted to and forget finding him shoes!!

It was good week and I'll try to take pics of something cool in the near future! I think we may try to go to Verona next weekend and I'll def take pics of that!