Tuesday, February 17, 2009

French Fry Pizza

Yes, I said French Fry Pizza!! If you love French Fries (or Freedom Fries for those of you prefer that) and you love pizza I highly recommend this combo!!

As I'm sure I've said before Italians put tons of different toppings on their pizza to include shrimp, tuna, hot dogs, and regular potates as well. So we got brave this time and tried French Fries. Now if know me I love me some French Fries and I can eat pizza everyday of the week so this just seemed the logical way to start experimenting!!


Here is a pic of my oh so yummy pizza!!

Oh and just a little FYI when you want a pepperoni pizza ask for an American pepperoni pizza and French kissing in France is actually Hollywood kissing. Thought that was kinda interesting!