Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Room is Pretty Much Done!

I think we have everything set up in baby boy's room! I would like to get his name done in wood letters for above his bed. I'm not really sure if we're really missing anything either! I think the only thing we don't have is a changing table which I'm not too horribly worried about (the hubby will just have to live without one or use the pack and play). Oh I do need a diaper pail and yes it is something we do need since we are cloth diapering and not using disposables.

Anywho is our baby's room and it really doesn't have a theme but what child should be stuck with one theme?

Looking into his room from the door way.

My crap ton of diapers I need to wash!

So he inherited all my teddy bears cause I currently have no where to put them!

And of course the room wasn't complete without cars!


Amanda said...

Yeah.. I wouldn't worry about a changing table. That's what a couch... a bed... the floor... are for! :) Also, if you don't find a diaper pail (we didn't buy one because they were so expensive) you could just buy a wet bag. Much cheaper and you can even find them on Etsy if you want a really cute one. I got one from a yard sale for $4 and we've used it this whole year. Just an idea! Everything looks great!!