Friday, March 26, 2010

One Week Left In Italy

k so we don't literally have one week left in Italy. I believe its about two years before we move on to our next duty station, but it is only one week before we leave Italy for the states! Next week is our last week of preparting to leave and getting our house ready for our newest addition! I seriously can't be anymore excited without probably exploding! Even my hubby is super excited about our future little man and he can't hide it anymore! It really is the cutest thing ever!

We (I think) are ready for this trip and to finally become parents. We honestly couldn't imagine building our family any other way and can't wait to begin on this adoption journey with our little man. We are also talking about doing it again in a couple of years, but we're actually thinking about doing an international adoption this time around! Wow, right?!? Adoption is definitely something you have to be called to do. Many people who cannot have children will never turn down this path, but so many more will and it really is one of the most amazing journeys! I'm am beyond thrilled that we have so many amazing people around us being so super supportive of our decision and of all those who are adopting/adopted and truly understand our calling to build our family in this manner! Thank you God for allowing us to have such amazing and inspirational people in our lives! Thank you God for giving us loving and caring friends that have been so supportive of this all!

When we do get to the states it will be about 5 days before her due date! Please pray that he comes close to his due date! We can't wait to meet this little man! We will most definitely post pics of him as soon as we can because I know many of you can't wait to see/meet him as well!

His nursery is almost done and ubber cute and doesn't really have a theme LOL. I do want to get a book shelf you know one of those small ones for all the books I've gotten for him this far and I think my sister may even have more books for him! Ok so here are some pics of things that I've bought or have been given to us by amazing people!

This was given to us from another momma. Isn't it super cute? I love all things aircraft related! Maybe that has something to do with my 6 years in the Air Force or maybe being an Air Force Wife LOL.

She also gave us these adorable little shoes! They look brand new but I guess babies don't really walk! She also gave us a bag full of clothes that were super cute and in amazingly good condition and the bag also had the cutest little brown boots in it! She was super nice and we're very thankful that she gave us all these baby clothes!

We also got another bag of stuff from another AF momma! Thank you! I think he is pretty set on clothes other than just cutesy things we want to buy for him! Which of course we have started buying and my family has as well!

Every baby deserves to have the cutest set of first booties ever! These are the ones I choose for our little man! I bought them off etsy (which I love etsy) and thought they would be ubber cute with his little football outfit (which I'm praying he fits into since its a newborn size).
I'm sure we have so many other things I haven't posted for baby boy but I'm sure you'll see them in pictures and what not!

Please keep us in your prayers and we soon begin our journey into parenthood!

Love you guys!


Mira said...

first booties are so cute! I cannot imagine how excited you must be. I wish you all the best and hope everything goes well. :)