Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

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It is officially Father's Day in Italy! I am so excited!!! I got the hubby the cutest 1st Father's Day Card ever from the bx! I was so excited they actually had one! I just need to get baby boy to sign it and yes he can sign them even if its just some scribbles. We had him sign all the Mother's Day cards for the grandma's and it was so cute to see our little man with the man and just scribbling in the cards. It was actually hard to get the pen out of his hand!

The hubby already got his Father's Day gift early. I let him pick it out on his own because I just didn't know what to get him and why not let him pick out his own gift! Tomorrow we are going on base for the Father's Day Brunch and I'm so excited. I guess I'm just totally excited about this being the hubby's first Father's Day ever! I know I know he'll have many more but never a first one again! Its just so special to see him with his little man. I think we are both just so happy about everything that our hearts could burst!

We have been truly blessed with the most amazing little man ever. I really don't think God could have created a better little person. Our lives are just so full and happy now (not that we weren't before!), but he really does help complete our little family! We do hope one day that he'll have a brother or sister but that's down the road from now.

Anywho I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!

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