Sunday, June 27, 2010

I want to be the mommy...

I want to be the mommy who makes her baby boy the most beautiful cakes for his birthdays, special events, and holidays. I know that I've never done anything for the wow factor but more for the taste factor, but I'm going to try to add the wow factor to the taste factor as well. I don't want to be the mommy that goes to the store unless absolutely necessary to buy his cakes. With all this being said I already have a cake in mind (well two) that should be rather easy or at least in theory!

I really want to make a special and beautiful cake for our adoption day. I want to celebrate our adoption day as the most wonderful and amazing day that it is. I really want to make a frog cake. From the minute we found out we were having a boy a froggy theme just seemed to fall in place with him. I mean down to the point that when we went to the hospital to pick him that he had froggy blankets in his bassinet there too! His crib here also has a froggy theme set.

I have found this super cute froggy cake that I'm going to attempt to make...well I'm going to do a trial run of course and hope for the best! I am currently desparately looking for a butter cream frosting to decorate with. I found one and it was like soup. Seriously how anyone ever put that out there to work with I'll ever know why and to actually say it was good oh heck no!

Well here is a picture of the cake I'm going to attempt.

I am super excited about this cake and think it will be a wonderful way to celebrate our official adoption day!

I also am already thinking of the cake I want to do for his birthday. I think I'm going to do something extra simple and do a bug themed birthday party with an inchworm cake! It is totally cute and radio flyer has this super cute ride on inchworm that I'd want to get him as his gift! I love themes and making everything match LOL. I know its not as eleborate as the froggy cake but I still just love the simplicity of it for some reason and I just may spruce it up a bit as well :) Here is the super simple inchworm cake.