Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Year Beginning!

So most people celebrate the new year with the new calendar year but a year in our own life may not have necessarily have past. Tomorrow begins a new year for myself! I turn 27 years old. Yes, its my birthday. No we're not doing anything special, but I'm totally ok with that. My hubby surprised me with the most beautiful flowers and chocolates and my baby boy got me a new purse :). Couldn't ask for more really!

I will have to take a pic of everything and post it later!

We are having a bbq today though. Its just a bbq because I don't really have those super close friends here like I did back home, but here is things are not every place we're stationed will be like the last. Don't get me wrong I have some super amazing people in my life and I'm sure as time goes on and we all move on to different parts of the world I will stay in touch with a couple of them.

I just can't believe another whole year has gone by! I'm going to be 2-7, 27, so weird to me. I seriously don't feel that old. It still feels like I left home to start my own life yesterday or maybe the day before that! Not 8 whole years ago!

I really look forward to see what this new will bring though. Life has been good. I'm now a mother, have a wonderful husband, and things are just good. Things are just great like really no sarcasm at all.

I'm getting involved again and if you know me you know thats a good thing and time consuming thing LOL.

I will be volunteering for the Breast Cancer Walk this year and the hubby is going to walk, baby boy and I will probably as well! I'm joining ACES with a new friend and we went to our first meeting and it was so much freaking fun and we met so many awesome women who like to be involved!

We are also starting an Aviano Adoption Support Group which I am beyond execited about! Like seriously excited about! The families are super excited about it all as well!! I love the suppport I have behind me to put it all together!

And I'm drafting a donation letter for OYR so that we can get donations when we don't have sponsors. I haven't been able to go to the termimal to help but I am def staying on top of contacting companies and gathering donations not only from the companies but also from the wives :) The wives here are great and thankfully love the troops so they happily bake cookies for them! Which reminds me I have to call back a company this week :)

Well I need to clear the table and finish the laundry and stuff diapers before our guests arrive. It may be raining but we're still going to have a fantastic day today!

God seriously is great and is doing great and amazing things in our lives :)


The Longs in Italy.... said...

Happy Birthday!
And where can I get more info about the walk? My mom had Breast Cancer and I really want to walk for this ugly sickness.

Juicy in Italy said...

Have fun with ACES, I did that when I had more time...these days my life is oooober busy.

The group sounds like an amazing idea I know another couple that just adopted here also. Do you need your books back?

Happy Birthday!