Saturday, September 11, 2010

I will always remember

I remember waking up to my the news on my alarm clock. I remember thinking that it all had to be a joke. I remember waking up my mom and turning on the t.v. and I remember watching the live coverage throughout the whole day. I remember the crashes, the towers falling, and hearing our nation was under attack. Its been 9 years since that day and I still remember. Its something that has changed our lives...granted not everyone but many of us it has touched deeply.

Over 3,000 children lost makes me cry just to think about.....thousands of lives were lost that day not only Americans either....since that day thousands of lost lives and many more sadly still will. It is a day we need to remember. We need to remember the fallen, the ones who gave their lives to rescue them, the family and friends that were left behind, our military members who have lost their lives and all those that continue to serve....we also need to remember their families, their children.

Please never forget the lives that have been lost both that day and since. Don't allow their lives to be lost in vain. Many do not agree with this war and that is ok but always stand behind your troops. Stand behind your military no matter what. They signed a blank check that is payable up to their life and they did it so that you could be safe, so that you could protest and bad mouth all that they do...remember with out them you wouldn't be able to walk around with the freedoms granted to you.

I support our troops. I remember and will never forget.