Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aviano Adoption Support Group

As you all know we have adopted the most beautiful baby boy ever. He is literally the light of our life and through everything we went through and did we wouldn't change any of it.

If you have never been any where in the adoption process its hard to understand the feelings and emotions that go into and sometimes its nice to have a person or a group to go through it with. When I began our journey I joined a yahoo group called Adoption for Americans Abroad that was started many years ago by Randy Barlow the social worker that we worked with to get our adoption process started. On this site a super amazing person found me and started emailing me long before I ever made it to Italy. Brandy and I were each others adoption buddies and I was so glad that someone had found me and was going through the same thing because seriously if you've never done it then its hard to understand. It was because a great support group like the one above that helped us to connect with one another and to have a friend to help us along our way. I am happy to say that we both were able to adopt and that our children are literally a week apart from each other! How something like that happened I will never know, but it was all part of God's plan for us!

Because of this amazing experience I've had with Brandy (who I truly call a great friend) and because we are very open about our adoption experience we have met several other families who have adopted, want to adopt, or are in the process of adopting. These same people have encouraged me to form a support group and although it has taken me months to actually get on board and do the leg work I have finally done so. I am really excited about it and about bringing a much needed support to our area. With the help of several others we are getting our Aviano Adoption Support Group off the ground! I am really excited about it all!! We now have a Facebook fan page Aviano Adoption Support Group and also a yahoo group (which is private so I must add you) Aviano Adoption Support Group Yahoo Page and our own email if you'd like to contact us at

I have amazing people helping me with all parts of this group. One family has been amazing enough to all us to have our Welcome Luncheon (our first meeting ever!) this Saturday in her home and I couldn't be more thrilled! I have amazing people who have been helping me figure out how to become a base group, where to go, ideas of where meetings can/should be held, moderators for the group and so much more. Plus we have a few other families also interested and getting our name out there! I am trying to pick one day a month where we can get the families together and to also find a place we can all gather that is family friendly. I will def post when I figure this all out!

Its amazing how things come together when they're suppose to. God sure does work in amazing ways!

Thank you all so much for your support!!!

Click to join AvianoAdoptionSupportGroup

Click to join AvianoAdoptionSupportGroup