Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coming to End

I cannot believe Christmas is almost here! Someone find me a machine that slows down time and keeps my baby a baby :( He's going to be one years old before I even know it and I'm not too crazy about that idea!!

I will admit though I am super excited about his first Christmas and yes I probably got him way too many toys for his age but he is our first and only child for goodness sake! I can spoil him all I want within reason of course. Don't worry I didn't go into buying him gifts and I certainly didn't charge anything :) But he is definitely a spoiled little man! And the gifts we have aren't even including the ones our families are going to send man oh man is he going to make out this year LOL

I do think some of the toys daddy picked out for his son are ones he would like to play with which I think is freaking hilarious!

Well what have we done this month?

Nothing too exciting. We did get to go and see the Harlem Globetrotters live on base and that was sooo much fun. We of course took lots of pics and of course my comp will now no longer read the damn card! The hubby is going to get a new adapter and hopefully that will fix the problem and if it does I'll post more recent pics of the cutest baby boy ever and pics from that night as well :)