Monday, December 13, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

We had the greatest weekend :)

On Saturday we got to meet the cutest newest baby girl ever (there are several adorable baby girls we know) and I had almost forgot how fragile a newborn baby can feel! Baby boy has gotten so big so fast and it was only 8 months ago he was smaller than this baby girl! I can't believe my little tank use to be that tiny!! I loved holding her and she ALMOST I stress the word ALMOST because as many of you know we've decided not to parent another infant but more than likely toddler to young child age the next time we adopt :) I adored holding her though and truly missed when my little man was that little!

Afterwards we had kebabs from our favorite shop with our friends the Petraes. They're one of our most favorite people over here (we do have a few so don't worry you may be one as well LOL). They brought baby boy some super awesome gifts! My favorite a Dallas Cowboys shirt! Yes they rock like that! So we had an enjoyable evening with them.

On Sunday we woke up to a surprise of no power for over six hours! We didn't let it get us down though. We enjoyed each others company and played with baby boy until we were able to shower and go out for the day.

Once we were able to shower we headed up to Udine for our friends little girls 1st birthday party! It was so fun! Our friends little girl kept giving our little man Kisses it was soooo cute! He also got to meet Santa Claus (our friends dad dressed up for the kids) and Nathan just wasn't having that! If you know him you know he is a very happy go lucky baby and LOVES people so it was odd to see him cry! He really did not like Santa at all and balled his eyes out. Daddy did rescue him and he'd bury his face in daddy's chest and then peak at Santa and start to cry all over again. It was so cute and so sad all at the same time! I did get pics of everything but I'm waiting for my new adapter to come in the mail so when it gets here I'll do a giant post with tons of pictures!

I hope everyone else had a fantabulous weekend :) I know we did and we're blessed to have all these amazing people in it to make it so great!