Saturday, April 23, 2011

Base Easter Egg Hunt

Today was Aviano Base's Spring Fest and Easter Egg Hunt and boy was it nuts! They have the egg hunt divided up in ages and Nathan was in the 0-2 age group. Let me tell you it was nothing like we expected. We were expecting the kids to toddle around and pick up eggs at their leisure and put them in their baskets but oh no that is definitely not how things are done here! It was like a mad dash for eggs and by the time Nathan picked up a couple the whole field was almost completely cleared! I really couldn't believe so poor babies left without any eggs! Parents were filling baskets and some even snatched them away from one year olds! Like seriously come on!! Nathan was nice and shared an egg or two instead of being stingy. We were really hoping for what we thought was going to happen though because it really took the fun out of the whole thing for us. We loved watching Nathan stop look at the eggs and pick them up and examine them before he dropped them in his little basket...oh well at least we know what to expect next year and we'll guard a handful of eggs for him to do just that with lol. We did have a good time over all after we got past the shock! They had different booths handing out all sorts of things. He even got a new toothbrush from the dental clinic, Aviano Photography Club took pics with the Easter Bunny and lots of other goodies as well :) Here are a few pics from the day (oh plus we had awesome company as well!)

I'm ready to hunt eggs!

Yay eggs!

I wanna play now!!

Yay the Easter bunny again!

Ok mom enough pictures arleady!


Doris said...

It was a lot more orderly and calm last year. I dunno it really was a mad dash this year. Sofia managed to get lots of eggs last year all by herslef. This year she got 4. We are not the type of parents that pick them up for her. We just let her pick them and point oh look an eggs..but she was a little too slow I guess. Every time she got to one and wanted to pick it up a parent would grab for their kids basket or a much older looking kid got it. I was thinkg Oh wow this is bananas!

I saw you guys from afar. i was going to say hi and then the mad dash started lol.

Glad you still had fun even though the hunting part was not so great.