Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

Oh man so much has happened since my last blog! Nathan's first birthday party, my mom coming to visit and the places we went with her. Nathan's first pic with the Easter bunny and then this weekend his first Easter egg hunt. We also went to a birthday party and Nathan picked up his first candy from a broken pinata! I'll try to be good and not overload this post with pics, but we shall see!!

As many of you know Nathan just turned one! We were suppose to have his party at area D and decorate it cute and have the playground for the kids to play on but as things turn out someone didn't pick up the key in time. I mean I can't be mad at him since he had been working crazy hours was on night shift and what not but I was still pretty pissed, so last minute we had to switch the party to the house. Our tiny little house, but in the end it all worked out pretty well. Nathan had a blast, ate a cake himself, made out with a billion and one gifts, kids ran around like crazy, helped him open his gifts, sang happy birthday to him. It was great!

Decorated birthday table

My amazingly hot hubby playing with baby's toy after he put it together.

The birthday cakes I made. The top one was just for Nathan :)

He makes the funniest faces!

Told ya he made out and he's still getting more stuff! what a spoiled little man!

Then Grandma came a couple days after his party and he got to open another gift. We took grandma to Venice, Trieste, and Fregona. My wonderful hubby took a short day trip with her to Croatia and they had a blast. We spent a lot of time at home because we were all exhausted, it wasn't fair to baby to drag him everywhere, and plus grandma just wanted snuggle time with the most handsome little man alive! We had a great time with her here and Nathan just adored her. It was hard for Grandma to leave her tiny man behind though...

opening another present from grandma! #4!


Nathan doesn't like to walk in those sandals

on our way to venice

Venice with a happy little man!

He is always such a great sport when we're traveling!

Fregona! its so neat there!

Mother and Daughter at Lake Barcis

Nathan played on the playground with grandma and grandma helped him learn how to gather candy from a pinata! He had a blast and freaking loved the swing! After the birthday party we went and met the Easter bunny for the first time! He loved the Easter bunny! Sorry Santa we know he balled his eyes out when he saw you!

watching the other kids gather candy

then he figured out what to do but had to taste everything first!

He loves the swing!

learning to climb the steps to the slide

peaking out the window! so cute!

eating a yummy birthday cake!

He loved the Easter Bunny!

so cute!

We've had a lot of fun over the last month with birthday parties, grandma visiting, meeting the Easter Bunny. My poor baby boy even had to get shots while grandma was here! He absolutely loves his grandma even more now that he got to hang out with her for a couple weeks! Now we're looking forward to the Easter Egg Hunt and a quiet Sunday home together :) I will definitely post pics tomorrow after the hunt!