Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Freebies!

Now who doesn't love to get freebies in the mail?!?!

I joined another review site and they had a promotion of ten reviews for 10 bucks and I thought why not?!?! Well I did it and I got a 10 buck check in the mail! How freaking great is that?!?!

We got Remember the Titans bluray from the Disney Movie Rewards club!
Now ya'll know this is a freaking great movie and just had to add it to our collection!!

We are now waiting for Glory Road to come in the mail from the same points program!

It is another great true story that is a must see!! (PS if you do this rewards program type the word Believe in for 10 points!)

From the Pampers rewards program we are waiting for a Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle!

It's stinking cute right?!?! And just couldn't pass up such a cute puzzle for my little man and who doesn't love Melissa and Doug products?!?!

I finally got something from the huggies rewards program and I think its pretty stinking cute!

Not that Nathan needs a lunch bag for anything but it was just too cute to pass up since I had the points and Huggies rarely has anything to spend your points on! Which right now they have a ton of stuff if you just have points sitting there!!

I am also apart of which is an amazing program that gives you all kinds of free stuff for word of mouth advertising which I do lots on and on twitter! So far I have recieved a box of cleaning supplies that included a glade candle, lemon pledge, scrubbing bubbles mega shower cleaner, scrubbing bubbles toilet gels, and a glade plug in. I also get a ton of cover girl stuff which I give to my amazing friends!

I was part of their Lip Perfection campaign and received two full size lipsticks.

I was also part of their Natural Luxe campaign where I recieved a full size foundation and a lipgloss. Great stuff by the way!

I am currently part of their Lawry's seasoning campaign and we get to try out a couple new marinades! Still waiting on that box to come in the mail!

I also received free Campbells Harvest Select Soups from about six of them if I remember correctly and they're super yummy!

I also do book reviews for a few different companies and I have about four more books I've received in the mail and need to read and review!! I think that is all the goodies we've received in the last couple of months! There are so many opportunities out there from different places to try out free products and to get free books try them out yourself one day :)


The Longs in Italy.... said...

Thanks for the info and for reminding me about my huggies rewards! I had a pile of the codes to enter from before I left for the states!

Enjoy your weekend!