Friday, June 17, 2011

Peach Gelato Yum!

I have been so horrible at keeping up with my blog lately I know I know so here is a quick update of everything that has been going on! I had a fantabulous lunch at my  home with amazingly wonderful friends Melissa, Sally and Tara and of course their amazing little people. I wish all my friends could come have come but I know some must work! Oh well. I didn't really get any pics of the amazing ladies that were at my  home but I did get some of the the amazing little people! 

She is soooo good with my little man! She's going to be an amazing mommy one day.

Such a diva!

Nathan was given a vtech v. smile baby from one of the hubby's coworkers and I just had to buy the power cord for it. Nathan has learned to play it with his dada...he is so cute when he's playing his video games with dada!! I was one that was against them at first but he is growing up in a world of technology so I gave in. Although he better learn to love playing outside! We don't need a little chunker like his mama!!

We took Nathan to the toy stores near our home and he had so  much fun!! He found that giant ball and chased it up and down the aisles at the first toy store and didn't want to play with any other toy other than stopping to give the Mickey Mouse Doll a hug! So freaking cute! so of course we had to buy the toy for him!

We went out for dinner to Bierangel a Bavarian food restuarant with our friends Ryan and Corina for Ryan's birthday! We had a ton of fun with great company and then went out for gelato. Nathan had a whole peach gelato to himself and it was soooo funny to watch him eat it! He seriously is the cutest little man in the world!!