Sunday, September 11, 2011

As many of you may know my brother in law was in a very bad motorcycle accident and has been in the hospital for over a month now. He has been out of work and my sister has had to take off to care for him, meet with doctors, therapists and a few others.

Tommy is now being moved to a hospital that is better suited to care for his immediate needs. With this move they will have to move across the state. My sister will have to quit her job and find a new one in the new city. On top of their normal bills they will have to pay moving expenses, travel expenses, move in expenses and then just day to day survival while trying to care for Tommy and trying to work.

I am asking all of you to please help her and Tommy out in their time of need by making a small donation so she doesn't have to worry about expenses but just the care of Tommy. Even the smallest of donations would truly help them out. Please consider this even if its just a few dollars. Thank you all so much!!

And please continue to pray for Tommy his recovery and my sister!