Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank You

I would like to thank all of you that have donated to Meghan and Tommy so far! It really means the world to them that there are so many caring and giving people out there helping them in their time of need.

I am so greatful for so many amazing people to be in my life that are helping out my sister and brother in law and most of you never have meeting them. I knew I had wonderful people in my life but this truly reinforces that. Again THANK YOU all so much for your amazing generosity and caring for another!

If you would like to donate click on the widget below and it will take you to a paypal account set up for Meg and Tommy. If you have an account please select the Personal tab and then gift so that they aren't charged any fees.

Tommy is doing better. He is really ready for a rehab center and we are still waiting for him to get approved for one of about three that they've applied him for. They are one of the three best in the state of Texas and can't wait to see where he is going! This will hopefully help him have a more full recovery than if he were sent somewhere else which is what we're all praying for!

The money I am trying to raise will help with moving expenses, move in expenses, travel costs, lost time from work, gas traveling to and from the hospital and any other expenses they may incur during this whole process since they are both out of work. Meg will be looking for a job as soon as they relocate but as many of you know that can take some time! Please if you would like to help them out remember that just a small donation of just $2 will really add up and help the out more than you could possibly know!

Here is a picture of the bike Tommy was riding:
He is a Harley tech and was working on this bike and was taking it out for a test ride when an SUV turned right in front of him last minute. The driver of the SUV was found at fault for not yielding the right away to Tommy and all witnesses said that the driver did it so quickly and last minute that Tommy didn't have a chance. Tommy hit into him and was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. We were unsure for the first couple of weeks if he would make it and was in ICU for a few weeks. I don't want to go into detail of the injuries because they are awful but he is suffering from a traumatic brain injury and that is why this move to one of the best Neuro Rehab centers is a must for them! We know it will be the best hope for a full recovery for Tommy.

Please while you are out driving in your cars, trucks, SUVs and mini vans remember to keep an eye out for motorcyclists. Sometimes we get too involved and distracted in our vehicles with conversations, changing the radio, eating, and whatever else people attempt to do while driving. Many motorcyclists are seriously injured and even killed daily because of accidents such as this. We are greatful everyday that Tommy is still here with us. Just please remember to be vigilant while you are out and about.

We miss his joking, his sense of humor. Please keep him in your prayers so that him and Meg can be happy again and that he can once again lead a normal life.