Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Prince (picture debut!)

Well our little prince charming decided he was going to be impatient and decided to come ahead of schedule which threw all our plans out the window. We get a phone call from our agency saying hey your BM is in labor and then a few minutes later oh now don't worry about it was false and she'll give birth in a couple to a few weeks like planned. I didn't trust what they said so I called every mama I knew and asked a billion questions and they all told me go now you're having a baby, so we took their advice and we were going to fly into my home so my mom could come up with us. The hubby got off more time from work (thankfully they worked with him!) and we bought our plane tickets and packed to leave the next day. Thirties minutes after we have all our plans they call us and they're like she's having the baby now! They are driving her to the hospital when they call us and so we changed our plans and paid a buttload more to get our tickets diverted to there. She didn't break her water thankfully or our little prince would have been born in their van! She is at the hospital and within 15 minutes he's born.

We start traveling on the next flight out of there and we get there almost two days later or at least it feels like it! I'm not really sure how all that works with all the crazy time changes and what not, but we finally make it there. We search for our luggage, find our rental car, and try to figure out our GPS and of course it won't put the effin address so we can find our way to the agency. I think we had to drive pass the place a good three to four times (and we don't have a phone since ours are Italian and don't work there) so we finally stop at a hotel and ask for a phone book and a phone and they work with us. We are up the road from the place. We get there hop into their van (and of course in all the crazy my camera gets left in our car) and head straight to the hospital.

We are being told all about everything that went on while we were traveling. Everything went well, healthy BM, healthy baby, so all is good. We are jet lagged, tired, and excited, and it still doesn't feel real. We get to the hospital go to the nursery and I'm just looking at all these babies. My hubby points at one little boy and says that ours son. Thats him right now I'll bet you anything. I turn and ask which one is our little boy and our case worker points at the same little man! Daddy knew his little boy and it was the greatest thing ever! We are finally shown our little man and they hand him to us. Within seconds we go from being two to being three and a real family. I don't even know how to explain how it felt...surreal...a dream...I didn't cry which I'm surprised about. (of course there are no pics for these first encounters and I'm truly sad about this, but I can post his first ever pic. You know the ones the hospital takes and then really over charges you for).

Prince Charming (the light of our world)
6 lbs. 4 oz
20 in. long

After this we put him in his carseat and head back to the agency where we spend a little time filling out paperwork and then we're on our way. It was so weird. Definitely weird to just walk out with this little life and for him to truly be our son (ok so its not officially official yet but soon enough he's still in our care). I don't even know how to explain it. One minute we're just us and then the next we're parents. Trying to figure out if he's hungry or cold or hot or uncomfortable. Is he suppose to be making that face, who's goign to hold him, telling each other to be careful cause he's so tiny. Deciding if the name we picked for him before we knew him was really his name and yes it was! It means God's gift which I think is perfect for our situation! It was crazy and new and we were just simply in awe by this gorgeous little person we were now in charge of!

Mommy feeding our prince his first bottle. We had to stop at a nearby place to feed him cause he started screaming. Luckily there was a sonic cause daddy was hungry as well.

He's already mean muggin the world.

It really is the greatest life changing experience any person can go through. He is the light of our life even when he's cranky and won't take his effin' nap! He is now almost three months to the day and has changed so much right before our eyes. Its simply amazing how fast your children really do grow. He can hold his head up, do many pushes, grab things, he babbles on like no tomorrow, and so many other little things that we are just amazed to watch. He now has the curliest softest hair you could ever imagine. We have been truly blessed with this experience and this amazing baby boy. He sleeps through the night and no not like five or six hours more like 8, 9 and even 10 hours a night! He doesn't fuss unless he has a real reason too. I'll post a few more pics just so you can see how much he's grown and changed.

Our Prince and his Grandma and Great Grandma

Baby Boy and his Auntie from Arizona

Sleeping in his pack and play in Michigan

Boys Rock Girls Drool!

At home in Italy with his favorite quilt our friend made.

Getting loved on by daddy after work! The cutest thing ever!


Artsy Mom said...

SO FUCKING CUTE I CANT STAND IT!! Congratulations!!! I hate to get sappy, but I was adopted and I really believe it's the best way to make a family. :) I have two of my own biological girls, but I want to adopt so badly someday. I would just feel like I'm giving back to what my adoptive mom has given me. :) Congratulations again!

I'm stopping by from Fucked Up Friday Follow :)

Mira said...

Oh my God! This is so freaking cute!!! Guys, you are doing an amazing, amazing thing! Wish you all the best! In case you guys would liek to get family photos with your little boy, I'll be glad to do it.

Btw I have a new blog. :)


Now an Air Force Wife and Mommy!! said...


I would love to get some pics of him done! I'd like get some done in near future. I'm not sure about family photos though not feeling very photogenic lately LOL.

The Longs in Italy.... said...

He is so stinkin cute!! I think it is awesome that you gave this adorable little guy a home and a family! You all 3 were blessed!! Congrats again! Enjoy every single second because it goes by so fast! And I read your blog about you being sick and work. I think it is the man upstairs telling you to just stay at home and be a mom! Plus, you don't miss a thing that way!