Saturday, July 2, 2011

My spoiled Hubby

Have I mentioned lately how incredibly spoiled my husband is? Well if I haven't, he is! I mean like seriously spoiled LOL. Which I don't mind so much since most of the time I'm the one doing the spoiling! I don't know what would happen if this poor guy came home and dinner wasn't done or started. Pretty much the only thing he has to do is kill bugs and take out the trash. What a harsh life right? Well I figure its the least I can do since he goes to work everyday and has given me the great joy of being a stay at home mommy while my little man is little! Although he has said he's gotten use to this treatment and I'm never allowed to work again! We'll see about that ;).

But besides me spoiling him with gifts and everything I do, but my family spoils him like crazy. They get him the most amazing gifts for birthdays and/or Christmas. He's gotten all kinds of tools, car gadgets, paintball guns, and who knows what else but some pretty neat stuff. His newest gift for his birthday this year was a beer brewing kit! How freaking neat right?!?! Well his is the proud guy with his kit! (Plus baby boy bought him an extra ingredient kit for Father's Day! Can we say super spoiled LOL) I'm glad my whole family loves him though :)


The Longs in Italy.... said...

How fun! It made me laugh because I think of when I lived with my sister in AZ. Her husband is a master brewer, seriously, knows everything there is about it and makes amazing beers! Well, he had all his stuff set up in the family room right near the front door. (before moving it to where he could use the stuff) We ordered pizza one night and the delivery guy had this crazy look on his face when he saw it all. We are pretty sure he thought it was a meth lab, haha!

I hope your husband enjoys brewing and if ever has questions let me know, I am sure my brother in law would be glad to help!

Out for an Adventure said...

Oh my goodness!! What a spoiled husband he is! lol
I had to show stevan this post. He's a bit jealous now about the beer brewing kit. lol