Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Been A Year!

Ok so it hasn't been a year since we brought home the most beautiful baby boy the world has ever seen more like 18 months but yesterday did mark the first full year that Nathan was officially ours forever!

We couldn't celebrate with my hubby because the baby and I are still in Texas with my family. Tommy is in a rehab hospital and is getting stronger everyday thankfully! But because we couldn't be home with baby's dada his Auntie Meg and Grandma got him our traditional Froggy cake! Last year when it became official we got him a frog cake and its something we would like to do every Oct. 7th forever!

If you didn't know the frog is our baby boys theme. We couldn't find a baby boy crib set anywhere and finally found one and it was frogs cute. Then when we went to the hospital to meet him he had frog blankets in his bassinet! And then our family found out and started getting him froggies too (plus my sister and Tommy are obsessed with frogs) so it has become his official theme! So if you ever live near us in October come on over for a piece of a froggy themed cake!

Excited Auntie Meghan and Grandma brought him a cake!

The cupcake cake froggy (it was loaded with frosting)

smiling with his new Texas plant

Making a mess!

Auntie feeding him the chocolate part so he didn't crush that too!