Saturday, October 29, 2011

We're Back

Nathan and I are back in Italy. We were truly sad to leave Texas and get back to our normal lives knowing that Tommy, Meghan and my Mom's lives will never be the same. They will continue to fight for Tommy and get him the best treatment possible and follow him wherever that may be.

Sometimes we forget not to take the simple things for granted...I realize how much more I have now with a healthy child and husband. That we're able to go to the store, for a car ride or for a simple walk outside and that we're not confined to the walls of a hospital. Please continue to pray for them and for all who have loved ones in the hospital and lives are now changed forever.

We are happy to be back together as our own little family though. My hubby was thrilled to have us home and of course we were so happy to see him. Along with our little rat dogs being super excited to have their playmate back. I'm happy to be in my own home and what not and have gotten back into the groove of things. Thankfully Nathan and I didn't take very long to get over our jetlag and my amazing other half took time off to hang out and help us get over it :).

The day I got back it was our 7th anniversary. I truly can't believe that 7 years has gone by! Time sure flies when you're in love :) My hubby got me these beautiful sunflowers one for each year we have been married.

Nathan and I also got back in time for the pumpkin festivals. We decided not to go to the one in Venzone this year but we went to the one in Cordenons (where our amazing friends live) and ran into a bunch of super awesome people! It was a ton of fun, had yummy goodies, a couple drinks with friends, a new bowl, and then went out for a super great lunch (prob one of the longest I've had!) and it was just all in all a great day with amazing people.

Needless to say it was a great weekend and a great welcome home. We don't have too much longer here so we're trying to enjoy our friends (especially those leaving before us ::sad face::) but who knows maybe we'll be here longer than expected :)