Monday, October 20, 2014

Review: The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible

The Duck Commander Faith & Family Bible 
By Phil & Al Robertson 

I will be honest when I saw that I was able to review this Bible I jumped on the chance too because I knew my hubby would be thrilled to see this come in the mail! (He is often not thrilled by some of the books I receive to review so I thought I'd get one he'd enjoy this time as well.) Well when my husband walked in the door today this was sitting on our couch and he really did get quite excited when he saw it. He automatically grabbed it and flipped through the pages and read a few things and was thrilled with the set up of this Bible. Him and our son read a Bible story nightly from another book review I did (I'm sure its on here somewhere) and he actually quite enjoyed the set up of our son's Bible and was thrilled to see this had a similar set up as well. 

I have had a chance to sit down with this Bible and I am pretty impressed by it as well. It is a heavy book and is a hardback which makes it even nicer. It is definitely a "mans" Bible in the design and in contents. As with all things Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty and really anything to do with Phil Robertson it has to do with hunting and this Bible is no different. It has sections called "Set Your Sights" which talks about everyday events and then also "On The Hunt" which gives more Bible verses to go along with the topic on hand.

In the front it also has the option to do a weekly read with either Phil or Al depending on the path you choose to go down and it gives you the pages to follow and the topic that will be discussed during that time. And the front also has a section called Lifechangers that is done by both Al and Phil and is actually quite interesting to read. 

This really is a beautiful Bible and will definitely win over the male audience, especially Hunters, and those who follow The Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty. I would recommend this to other people to pick up and try and I know my family will definitely get a lot of use out of it. My husband has already claimed this as his own and says he cannot wait to start digging in and learning more! 

I received this book free and am under no obligation to write a positive review only my own honest opinions.