Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Twizzlers Contest!

Disclosure: I am  entering a contest for a Twizzlers Landmark Summer promotion prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

If you're like me you absolutely LOVE Twizzlers and it is always packed in our bag of snacks! LIke for my friend Jen and I its a serious obsession LOL and so of course when I saw this contest I just had had had to enter. I mean a Twizzlers freak like me not enter thats just sad! Oh and don't get me started on Pull and Peel yum!

This summer we hope to travel to the Leaning Tower of Pisa!! I know how exciting right!!! Its only about a four hour drive but we just haven't found the time to do it but oh how I'm praying that next month we'll be able too!! I mean how can we live that close and only have a year left living over here if we don't make a road trip there?!?!? Plus it will be yet another amazing place that Nathan has visited in his short life so far! He'll have visited more places than most adults!!! how freaking cool is that?!?! Thankfully we're military overseas and I can still get my Twizzle on LOL and shop on base for all our Twizzler needs...I wonder if they even sell them on the economy. Pisa and then Rome I think are the last two places we'll see before we leave Europe, but Rome will be in the Spring with my BFF forever JEN!

These amazing Twizzler sites I hope to see one day when we're living back in the US (next year baby we'll be back! so excited about that!) I really never realized how much we've missed traveling in our own country and I can't wait to start that adventure for summer trips when we're back there!!!

Thanks Twizzlers now when I see these images in real life they're going to make me hungry!