Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to My Randomness

We have 1 year left in Italy! I know to some that sounds like a long time but considering we've been here for 3 already one year will just fly by! Which if you haven't already noticed 2011 is already doing! Seriously we're five months into the new year and some how I missed almost half of it! My child is getting bigger and smarter by the day, I'm trying to collect the last few things we want to bring back with us and plan our last trips overseas. Sheesh May 2012 will be here before I even lay my head down for a nap!

We have had our ups and downs but more ups than downs while we have lived in Italy. We will miss alot about Europe and Italy since we've been here for so long but at the same time there will be so much we won't miss! It really sucks that we'll have to go to a new base and leave so many amazing people behind and I do mean MANY! I just truly haven't realized the amount of amazing people God has brought into our lives while we've been stationed here! Our family has truly grown grown grown! Its truly exciting!! I can't wait to one day bring Nathan back to see some of these amazing people who are from the surrounding areas! The others hopefully we'll run into again after all the Air Force is truly a small world!

Nathan is at that age where its monkey see monkey do and his dad thinks its the greatest thing ever! He dances so that Nathan will mimic him and does all sorts of things to get him to follow. Its truly freaking adorable to watch those two at play! He is also playing pretend...well has been for a couple months but I really didn't know that started at such a young age! I really thought at the earliest 18 months! He likes to play that we're talking to Grandpa on the phone, we pretend to eat the food from his pot that Ms. Rhysa got him, and we hall stuff in the trucks, and so much more seriously fun stuff! And he sits down and will read you a book! I seriously wish I spoke baby when he sits there flipping through pages telling us a story!

Such a good boy cleaning up his mess!

as you can tell I don't feed him often enough!

he thinks this is so funny!

look at that face! and its scary he can stand in the highchair now!

he loves playing with his dada

and he loves to put everything on his head and i mean everything!

doesn't he look like such a big boy watching his signing videos!

he tried to put mama's shirt on his head and ended up putting his head through the sleeve!

my goodness he doesn't look like a one year old!
 Nathan is also doing amazingly well with his signing! If you have ever thought about doing it check out Baby Signing Time for the little ones and then there is Signing Time for the ones that are a bit older. Nathan doesn't really watch TV all that often but boy does he loves his signing videos! He does a handful of signs as well and is starting to talk still no Mama though :(.

I never realized how many children were on this base until we started getting invited to birthday parties! I think if we wanted to we could go to one like every weekend! Its insane and kind of expensive! Nathan loves them though because he is a social butterfly and totally loves to walk up to people and just start talking away! Hmmm....that may not be such a good thing now that I think about it!

We are no longer cloth diapering! I'm giving myself a much needed break. I did great though and lasted one whole year but the hubby decided it was time to end it and I sold them. Its killing me buying diapers for him but he doesn't really go through that many unless he's sick and he no longer gets a rash from them and I'm no longer behind on laundry! The hubby thought it couldn't be healthy for me to have to clean all that poo all the time and asked me to stop and I gave in....oh well....

I have been checking things off my 101 in 1001 and I think I'm at least half way down with my recipe count down woohoo. I'm getting excited for our trip to the states in August so we can be there for the birth of our niece! I love shopping for stuff for little girls and already have an order in for like 6 or 7 custom made bows! so excited! I have three boxes of stuff to ship to her and I can't wait to see how big she is so I can start the dress shopping! Needless to say baby girl is going to be spoiled by her auntie Kelly!!!

Well I've rambled on and on but I do have a few book reviews to post here in the near future. I'll also share about bzzagent and let you know about all the free goodies I've gotten from them and if you check out our recipe blog you can see how I've become obsessed with the Pioneer Woman's recipes!!! Ciao!