Saturday, July 16, 2011

More From Nove

Today we got up early and took another trip to Nove. We went to pick up our personalized items and to bring friends who hadn't made it there yet and are getting ready to leave :(. We decided to take them to VBC but sadly they were closed for a wedding today so they didn't get to experience and purchase the goodies from there. (We will be going back to buy my amazing friend Ericka a cake stand though!). We then stopped off at Ancora's to check out what they had. Although not as nice as the VBC store they still had quite a bit and yes I bought a ton! We got a few gifts for family and a few things for ourselves. I would go back and check out what they had again if we do make it back to Nove before we leave. Check out our finds!

These are from the Lenox Butlers Pantry Collection (there are two) and they're really pretty. These will more than likely be gifts.

I love these! Bruschetta plates (one is a gift)

Pizza plates! So stinking cute! We got six to make a whole pizza!

I love this blue set. I bought it as a gift for an amazing person :)

The orange set are for another amazing person. My sister duh! LOL

We were able to pick up the stuff we had personalized today in Nove as well and it turned out beautifully! I LOVE it and I'm really glad we decided to have the stuff personalized. It is going to be a great reminder of our time here in Italy! Check them out!
Our platter! Isn't it amazing?!?!
I really love how this came out! I think it might be our favorite! (the hubby really liked how well this one came out!)
The inside of my pretty!
The outside of our bowl!

I honestly didn't plan on going back one more time after we picked up our personalized stuff but VBC was closed for a wedding and I did promise a friend a cake stand from there so we will be heading back one last time in a couple months....need to give my wallet a break...LOL! I know I want two more things to complete one of my sets and the cake platter so I shouldn't go to crazy on our last trip...unless I pick up a few things for others lol...we'll see.....