Monday, July 4, 2011

Nove Finds

The first time we went to Nove everything was closed. We didn't realize that on Saturdays things are only open until lunch time and then the town pretty much closes down, so we were pretty bummed we didn't get to look around that day.

So today we finally got off our heinies and got up in time to make it before things closed for lunch. Our first stop was Larry's becasue I knew I wanted some things personalized there. We ordered the poppy flower design and had it personalized. I know we could have brought a pattern in of our own but I really wanted the poppy flowers. I know the red flowers will always remind us of our time in Italy. Especially since every year the surrounding fields were just covered in them and I loved it :).

We only  made it to one other shop the one called VBC and we got some pretty nifty things from there. I only got a few things but I could have bought so much more! We were going to do lunch and go back to check out a couple other stores but I had a migraine come one, so my hubby drove us to the army base where we chilled in the a/c burger king while my boys ate (and i puked in the bathroom) and then we headed home where I puked on the autostrada fun stuff I'm telling you! I did make it home and in bed where i spent a few hours before I felt like a person again! Now only if I could figure out how to get rid of these migraines! My head still kind of hurts but nothing like earlier!

Ok enough about my migraines check out the pretties I brought home with me today! I can't wait to go back later this month to pick up our other stuff, go back to vbc and check out another store or two along the way!

My cake stand...I think I'm in love!

Isn't it pretty! We got two...I have this weird obsession with serving dishes...
Another beautiful platter and of course I got two but I may be sharing these :)

My amazing hubby helped pick these out and they're pretty freaking amazing!
Nathan was completely obsessed with everything we bought and had to sit or stand on every single piece!
The beautiful mosaic platter to match my bowl! I hope they have more pieces when we go back later this month!
sitting on momma's platter my silly boy LOL


The Longs in Italy.... said...

Love it all! I use my Vietri square serving platter like you got all the time! Love it!

Now an Air Force Wife and Mommy!! said...

Thanks! I can't wait to go back next weekend LOL I think I'm going to pick up a few more things for a few weddings we'll be attending next year :) Totally cheating on the good prices here LOL.

Thank you for your offer of helping my hubby as well! I tried to post a few times on your page but it kept giving me an error message. You'll have to come be our official taste tester in a couple months when its all ready LOL I'll probably take pics of the process and blog about it cause I'm a dork like that! LOL