Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nathan at the Park

I love how excited he gets when we first walk up to the park!

Looking for daddy!

Crawling up the tunnel to get mama!

He sure does love to go down the slide!

He decided it was too bright out and needed daddy's sunglasses

Oh no its bright give them back!

I'm tired daddy can we go home now?

Walking back to the car so cute :)
We took Nathan to the park this weekend (6/25/2011) and of course he loved it! It was so cute watching him getting better at climbing up on the playground equipment. He learned to crawl up the tunnel on his own and he was a bit worried and proud too cute too see. And of course he loved going down the slide his favorite! By the end he sat down under a tree and signed "all down" because he was so worn out. He's such a cutey and such a Godsend :) I love this little man more than anything :)