Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in our NEW house!

I don't remember if I posted that we bought a new house but we did! Yay us!! Woohoo lots of debt! LOL We're actually really happy and we moved in just in time to spend our first Christmas in our home. I was super excited about that and completely bummed about it all at the same time. We are not entirely finished unpacking (I take forever since I've decided to go through everything and get rid of all the unnecessary) so we don't entirely know where all the Christmas decorations are. That means we didn't get lights or stockings up this year, but we did get our little three foot tree up. I love our mini tree over a large one for some reason. Maybe because when we first got married we didn't have an apartment large enough to put up anything other than the mini one. I'm not entirely sure we'll ever use another tree but only time will tell.

Our little tree is missing a few of my favorite ornaments and a tree skirt because of the move, but we still loved it regardless.

Nathan still doesn't quite understand what Christmas is or who Santa is. Somehow he convinced himself that Santa comes and takes all your toys. How he got that into his little head I'll never understand! We have been trying to make him believe Santa brings you toys (even though we never intended in making Santa part of our traditions). He was pleasantly surprised to wake up Christmas morning and still have all his toys and presents under the tree. He was sad though that his elf had to leave. He has still been asking for his elf Peppermint Moose.

He loved his table!

Jake always has to be the center of attention!

Jake thought the wrapping paper was his gift lol

Spoiled hubby!

You can never go wrong with jewelry and cookbooks!

We also had a fantastic dinner later that day with our friends. I of course suck and didn't remember to take any pictures even though my camera was sitting out!!! We all had a great time, ate lots of yummy food, and hopefully next year I remember to take pics! I hope you all had a great Christmas!