Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Lego Table

I really wanted to get my little man a nice sturdy Lego table but man are those things pricey. Sure I could have gotten a cheaper plastic or particle board one for under a $100 but really wanted a nice sturdy one, so I decided I would make him one.

I first had to decide on how big I wanted it so I could start searching for a table and I decided a coffee size one would be perfect. We could add lego plates and make little roads for his cars to drive on. I just had to find a table that would be sturdy enough.

I found the table above on a for sale page for 10 bucks! I thought it was perfect!! Its super heavy and solid wood and super cheap! I will admit the blue knobs on it drove me absolutely insane and they definitely didn't match the finish so it was hard for me to imagine keeping them but we decided to in the end!

Above is the finish product. My hubby sanded it down for me and we decided black would be perfect. I will say I like the knobs on the black a whole lot better. We put a couple blue plates on the table for water and I used white duct tape to make the lines on the road. Please excuse the fact that it looks like a drunk city worker painted them on!! LOL

Needless to say it was a hit with little man when he got up Christmas morning! He still loves to play on it and loves when we join in and build things with him. His little friends love it as well and it will definitely get a lot of use!