Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tyndall AFB to love it or to hate it?

As with all new assignments you never know if you're going to love a base or hate it. When we initially learned we were moving to Florida my first instinct was to hate it. I mean we NEVER wanted to live in Florida EVER. It was one of our top five places we never ever wanted to live and guess were we end up! It figures right! I seriously have like the worst luck in the world! Ok not the worst but when stuff like that happens it sure feels like the worst!

It has been about 19 months since we've been here and I have to say the town is a little smaller than I'd like but it is slowly growing on us. Granted this is not where we want to retire and spend forever but its a decent right now this is where we have to be spot.

I really liked it when we got here. I thought it was going to be amazing and then of course I got over the new and honey moon stage. Had to go through the meeting of people, making new friends, figuring out who was full of shit and who was worth being around and all that really makes you dislike a place. Like seriously dislike the place having to wade through drama and just pure bullshit to find the few people who are actually worth knowing. I am happy to say that I have found my few people which make my time here so much better. Now that we've gotten over that hump I don't mind it here.

We're not those people who don't leave base and think our whole life is revolved around base and base life alone thankfully. We like to get out explore and so far we love Tallahassee. We've driven to Alabama and Georgia for various events. We've found a train place in Bristol, FL for our little man. I mean yes we have to drive to find somethings to do but we don't mind it at all. Little man is an amazing traveler, he loves getting out and doing new things, so it all works for us.

I will personally never understand the ones who don't wander outside of base life. Some of my most favorite people from past bases have been locals and you can't find them if you limit yourself to mil people only, but to each their own I guess!

Now that we've learned the area, found things we like to do, and have a house all of our own we're ok here. We're happy in our own little world but I think we could do that anywhere we're sent as long as we're together!