Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Year Almost Gone

I am absolutely amazed at how quickly this year has flown by!! I can't believe we have this month and next and we get another whole new year! Maybe it had a lot to do with my baby boy coming and realizing how quickly time truly does fly! I can't believe how big he's gotten, all the things babies learn so quickly in that short amount of time!! It still feels like we brought home our little giant just last week :( and to think he'll be one in four months (and yes being the freak that I am I have already started planning things and buying things for his birthday. It won't be exactly what I had in mind but still fun! If you wanna join in on the festivities let me know! LOL)

For some reason I have been reflecting on the past and our time here in Italy. Granted my first year here wasn't the happiest of ones, but after all is said and done we have truly enjoyed our time here. We have met some of the most amazing people who I know will be lifelong friends and we have also met others who tried to make our life hell for some unknown reason. Those of you who are great know who you are and those who tried to make our lives miserable know who they are as well (although if you're reading this you're way stalkerish! creepy!).

As with most things you truly do learn from your experiences and so have we. We're even thinking of extending here and traveling a bit more with our little man since we weren't able to do much this year with all the craziness that is adoption (which those of you on our same journey or been here before totally understand!).

The adoption is self my oh my was every emotion you could ever mix up into one person! Seriously! But it was so worth it in the end and we have the most amazing son ever! We LOVE and ADORE this little man. He is just amazing to watch. He is sooo smart, almost too smart of his own good and it drives me nuts sometimes, but boy does it make his daddy laugh! We are truly enjoying every minute we have with him and love everything he does. God truly blessed us with an amazing little soul. If you met him you totally understand what I'm talking about!

We are so looking forward to this whole holiday season as well. A lot more firsts for our little man! Plus my hubby's new squadron rocks and we have all sorts of activities to do on base as well! Totally looking forward to the lunchoen. I'm totally looking forward to taking my little prince to the MXG Children's Christmas party! How fun will it be to start doing family things like this every year?!?! Yes I already RSVP'd our little family to go!! I'll take pics of our little man. Plus the squadron party will be fun as well :) I can't wait to decorate for Christmas this  year! Now only if my new things will come in for the holidays! so excited!!

Even with the negatives we've endure during our time here the positives always seem to out way them. We've been truly blessed with everything :) 


Redafem said...

Haha, I had to laugh at the stalkerish part. I have totally been through that myself, and you are's very creepy! There are definitely some crazy people stationed here I have

Anonymous said...

Ha welcome to our squadron it's TONS of fun as you found out at our Halloween bash! I seriously can not believe you have already RSVPed for the children thing. MAN! Hey are you getting childcare for the Holiday Party? Jerm's shop is saying a good majority are but I know in the booster club meeting they were saying it's family for me idk yet. See you at the ornament exchange.