Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Little Man is Getting Teeth!!

So our little prince is getting his first teeth at 8 months old! He's not getting one, or two, or even three but four at the same time! My poor little man! He has not been sleeping well and I'm sure he's in pain from all his fussiness, but he's a trooper and as long as mama is holding him he's a happy camper which makes me happy since normally he is totally a daddy's boy!

We did have his pictures taken over the weekend and from the previews I've seen so far they are stinking adorable!

Here is a little preview for all of you!
They were done by a wonderful photographer here in the local area. You can totally look her up here at Fritsche Photography and trust me you won't be disappointed with her work!!! Plus it helps that I have the cutest baby boy in the world!!!

Other than teeth and pictures not much else is new in our wonderful little family :) We had an awesome Thanksgiving. My little man ate a TON and loved every minute of it. We have decorated our tree and hung our stockings and I'll post pics of that later since they're on the other computer! Baby boy already has a whole tree full of gifts and I still have to wrap a couple more and wait for all the families to get here in the mail. As many of you can imagine being the only grandchild on both sides of the family is going to make for a very spoiled boy! I can't wait though :) Today is also his 8 month birthday :( means he's going to be 1 in four short months. Oh and Nathan is pulling himself up and standing and is practicing standing on his own which means walking isn't far behind which I'm terrified of!

Well I hope everyone is having an amazing time of year! I know we are enjoying it teething and all :)