Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hair Products

My newest obsession in life is hair products and not for myself but for my son! I know sounds weird at first but if you've seen pics of him you know he has the most amazing head of hair for a seven month old and I'm reading anything and everything I can get my hands on about his hair and about hair products. Man oh man if you want to confuse yourself def check out an African American Haircare line! There are all sorts of things you can use and no two heads of hair use the same products, amount of products, and it can get rather confusing! Thank goodness he is still a little guy so its pretty manageable and he's not having to go to school, but we are trying to keep his curls and hair as natural as possible so we know as parents how to properly care for it when he wants it grown out to braid or what not. So far I've tried a baby line for him its called It's a Curl...I'm not sure if I like the line or not...I think I'm leaning towards not because his hair still seems really dry to me. But it has a tear free shampoo its organic and made specifically for babies if you're interested in trying it. The website is and they have a children's line and an adult line as well...

I am looking at a couple other online sites as well. and to buy products from as well. I prefer the all natural products for my son which is rather funny now that I think about all the horrible crap I put in my own hair, but I'll just deal with one head at a time! There are a few other sites I've been on that are all natural but these two have peaked my interest for the time being.

I've also been using pure coconut oil to oil his scalp with boy oh boy does it smell good and is absolutely one of the best oils out there. It can literally be used for everything! Haircare, skincare, and even cooking and eating it! I'm not a fan of eating coconut so we haven't tried this but our little man sure does smell good!!

If anyone else out there in cyber world has any suggestions on haircare lines I could look at def let me know!


The Longs in Italy.... said...

I am not sure if they have natural products but Dudley Q is a company a lot of the ethnic girls at my cosmetology school used. It is based in NC I believe so the reps would come down to our school a lot. My friend's little girl is bi-racial and always has natural, curly, beautiful hair so I can ask her what she uses if you would like me to!

Good luck finding something that works the best for you guys!

Now an Air Force Wife and Mommy!! said...

Thanks for being so helpful :) I have heard of that company and they're one of the only black run companies :)

I'm finally getting the hang of what hair products mean! LOL

Doris said...

Carol's Daughter. My brother in law has bi racial children and his hair is was already hella curly latin hair. His enitre family uses Carol's Daughter products.

It is a little pricer. But I have heard nothing but praise for the products. Plus they are all made from completely natural ingredients.

Good Luck.

A good friend here also gets some stuff at the bx for her and haer daughters hair. It's near the black hair care products. It is a oil. Super six oil I think it's called. It's cheap and keeps the hair shiny and moisturized.

Good Luck.

Your son is adorable.