Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. We hope that you had a great weekend/day! This was our last year in Europe to spend Halloween and we're both happy and sad at the same time. We didn't do anything amazing for it but we did go to the Fall Festival on base and daddy and baby boy got dressed up. They both were very spooky!

We also carved pumpkins and baby boy wanted nothing to do with the guts. He thought they were gross just like his daddy so of course I cleaned out the pumpkins. They did come out amazing this year though! I think next year we'll find Mickey Mouse templates so that Nathan loves his pumpkins even more. I did roast some pumpkin seeds. They came out rather tasty :)

So overall it was a fantastic weekend! The day after the fall festival Nathan went bowling for the first time as well. He was invited to Jett's 2nd birthday and boy did he have a blast! We get to take him bowling again this weekend for Leo's 5th birthday and I'm sure he'll love that too!!