Thursday, October 2, 2008

A little late but oh well

On September 19, 2008 I celebrated my 25th birthday!! I can't believe that I'm already that old!!! It doesn't feel like I've been out of high school for over 6 years now. It truly is amazing at how time just flies by, but it has been an amazing six years and at least for five of it I've been with the most amazing man ever.

So for this 25th birthday it was like an all weekend event with my family. It started off the day of which was a Friday and I want out for steak with my mom and Godfather Pete. It was super yummy and of course they totally embarassed me at the restuarant but I guess what's a birthday dinner without a little embarassment right?!?! Then afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble my favorite store ever and of course they bought me books!! I got two poetry books that are simply amazing to say the very least and that was how my day ended.

On Saturday I went out for another birthday dinner with Stevie Flores, Meghan (my sister), and Tommy (her bf). Now this was an interesting dinner!! We went out for Indian food. Flores well he'll try anything and me well I picked the place because I think Indian food is totally aweseome, but Meg and Tommy weren't so thrilled by the choice. They shared a dish. They ordered the chicken tikka masala (which I love) and they grinned through the whole meal and tried to force the food down. They were really good sports about the whole thing though and I was happy they at least tried LOL. While at this dinner I did get presents!! Flores bought me this beautiful charm bracelet from Brightons!! Its so pretty and of course I've gotten more charms for it since then. My sister and Tommy got me this amazing carry on bag from the Betsy Johnson collection!! I was so surprised by it and totally excited to have something from her collection (for those of you that don't know I'm a total purse and bag whore!! I just love them all and I don't know why LOL).

Then Sunday comes and I have final birthday dinner at a restuarant called Claim Jumpers. This night was a gift from the most wonderful man on earth my hubby. He picked up the entire check since he couldn't be with me and my family to celebrate my birthday. This night my mom, Pete, Meg, Tommy, and my moms Godson Marcus were all there and we had a super fun time!! We ate, drank and laughed the whole night.
But the best part of my whole Sunday is that I got to spend the entire day just me and my sister. It was the first time we had done that in like four years!!! We went out for breakfast, to a farmers market, to the mall, and made appointments to get pierced (which we did the following weekend. I post pics later). So over all it was an amazing birthday weekend!!


My sister and I having dinner at Claim Jumpers.


Tommy, Meghan, and Me of course!!


My mom and Pete.


My mom and her Godson Marcus he is getting so big!!