Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Chihuahua

In order to get my dogs overseas with us we had to go through this whole process to get them there. They have to get bilingual health certificates and have to be USDA stamped. Its such a big hassle and I knew those from having to do all this with my two min pins.

So today I went to vet with Peanut to start the whole process since we leave next week for Italy. I made her vet appointment about two weeks ago after I had bought my plane ticket. I get there today and they're like are you sure you're at the right vet? Did you really make an appointment? I told them very politely that I wouldn't have made the mistake because it has to be a USDA certified vet that checks her out and I had called and specifically asked them that. Finally they find her appointment and they had her signed up for an artificial insemination!! Crazy right?!?!

We finally get in an exam room and wait there for like 40 minutes before we're seen and then they finally come in and I have to explain how the forms get filled out! We then proceed to sit there for about another 1 hour and half before the vet ever comes into the room and then over three hours later we are finally done and they don't even know if everything was done properly!!

Tomorrow I go the USDA office so that they can have the final look at the health certificates and hopefully everthing is right on them otherwise I get to spend the day with the vet figuring out what he needs to do to correct them.

I know most of you are thinking I'm absolutely nuts for doing all of this but I absolutely adore my dogs!!!

If you actually saw how much money we spent on this whole process you'd probably die!! OH well at least she will be with me!!