Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Medela Mommy Party

**I would like to start off by saying that I was in no way paid for this review. That I was afforded the opportunity to have a Medela Mommy Party with the other mommies of the local area because they did send the supplies necessary to make it happen.**

I was super excited when I was picked to host a Mommy Party by Medela and quite honestly I had never really seen any of their products. I was amazed by everything they did send though. They sent an actual In style pump and accessories for either myself to keep or to give away. I thought this would be a great opportunity for us military wives/mommies to get together and have a good ole time. This would also be a great opportunity to talk about adoption and that they too can breastfeed their adoptive children.

I was not in need of a pump but wanted to find someone who would be in need of one and didn't just want to raffle it off to someone who didn't really need it and then have them sell it later because hey I could do that myself after all! Well I did find someone who was in actual need of a breast pump. Our friend Valerie is in the process of adopting from the Urkaine. She plans on breastfeeding her child and needs to start preparing herself for this. One of the steps would be to start pumping and as you know adopting and the cost of adopting is a lot so I was excited that through this Mommy Party we would be able to help her!

She was super excited about it all as well because it was just one less expense that they would have to worry about on this journey to adoption. We had the Mommy Party today in her home. It was fantabulous if I do say so myself. She was excited! Everyone who came was excited! They were a little unsure of what was going on and thought that I was going to try to sell them the products (you know like pampered chef, mary kay and what not), but they were so thrilled to see that there was absolutely no pressure to buy a thing! That it was full products for one lucky person and samples for everyone else! Many of the women knew of Medela and many had even tried their products and many were still using them and they were very excited to see that Medela did this sort of no pressure get their name out their event.

Many were unaware that the Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags even existed and they thought they were the neatest and most convienent things ever! They were even more thrilled to see that they got a few sample bags in the gift bags that Medela supplied for the guests!

We all ate together and had a really good time and conversation. I actually had games all planned out and we were just talking. We talked so much about breastfeeding, how to wean your child, the struggles that go with it, and how not only women who give birth can breastfeed their children, but also how adoptive mothers can breastfeed their adoptive children. I can honestly say I would never of had half these conversations if it wasn't for the Medela Mommy Party and I'm very greatful for the opportunity to learn more! I can honestly say everyone had a great time and were really impressed with the products, that there was no sale pitch whatsoever and they loved the samples! Medela really sold these women (and myself) on what an amazing company they are and have the products to prove that! We did open up everything and everyone got to inspect and see how nice the breast pump and bag is. They loved the new compact size and how it can be used as a diaper bag! Val is so excited that she has something that she can bring with her on this journey now as well.

This is the wonderful and amazing Val (holding my darling baby boy) and soon to be adoptive mommy! There were many other beautiful and amazing women there as well, but I don't like posting pics without peoples permission, so you get Val and my baby boy! LOL.

The Medela Mommy Party was a total hit and it is definitely a product that I know I would recommend to anyone who asked along with the mommies who attended as well. We loved this approach on getting their name out there and it really did give us more of an open forum to discuss things we probably wouldn't have in a normal setting. Thank you Medela for giving use this wondeful opportunity. You've made use some happy military wives :)