Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My randomness

Oh man have migraines been kicking my butt lately! I have had a few in the last few weeks...maybe I need to drink more water or could it possibly be stress? No, idea what is going on but man I had one Monday thought I got over it and woke up even sicker on Tuesday. I could barely stand in the shower I was so icky feeling and literally vomitted in the middle of it! Thank goodness for the best baby boy in the whole world though. We hung out in bed for a good few hours until I could pull myself together and he just played with this little cow toy and took a nap with me and didn't fuss once. Like I said WORLD'S BEST BABY BOY EVER!

Today I am having a Medela MommyParty. How cool is that right?!?! They sent free products and I mean an actual breast pump and full size products for our lucky host and free samples for the people coming to our party! I wasn't in the  need for a breastpump but asked a friend who I knew would need one if she would be interested in hosting the party and she would get the free pump and products! She of course said yes cause she is just awesome like that! She has a bio child but her family has decided to adopt and she plans on breastfeeding her child/children. Yes, adoptive mothers can breastfeed! How freaking cool is that?!?! Look out for my review and pics of the MommyParty!

I am totally and completely in love with these Gro Baby diapers! I believe they are now called GroVia. They are freaking awesome! I was given some from a woman on base who didn't need/want them anymore and we used them to go for a drive over the weekend and they didn't leak or anything. They were easy to dispose of and are eco friendly for those of you that enjoy being Green :) I love cloth but hate carrying stinky wet diapers with me so this is a great alternative since a cloth insert snaps right inside of them for when we're home. We won't use many of the disposable inserts when we're in our own town but if we go for a couple hour drive to a nearby site they're super great! I even ordered another shell from because that site seriously rocks!


Michelle said...

My sister gets migraines a lot too. I bet they do suck :(

Where did you get this 30 days of truths idea? I need inspiration for my blog.