Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Things Tried

We tried a new recipe last night. I didn't care for it. I personally thought it was kinda bland, but the hubby enjoyed, so maybe next time I'll mix in some green chiles and maybe a can of tomatoes? I'm not sure yet I just know it needs something, but who knows maybe you'll enjoy it as is!

Taco Twist Casserole

  • 1lb ground beef
  • 1 packet taco seasoning
  • 1 jar taco sauce
  • 1 16oz box rotini noodles
  • bag of shredded cheddar cheese
  • sm thing of sour cream

brown the ground beef, drain, add the taco seasoning and 1 cup of water.. let simmer.. also cook your noodles.. when all thats done. mix sour cream and a cup of shredded cheese in with your noodles.. then line a casserole dish with the noodles. put a layer of taco sauce.. add the ground beef, do another layer of sauce. top with cheese, bake until cheese is melted.

so I'm not sure if I didn't put down a temp or if there just wasn't one at all but I stuck it in the oven at about 350 degrees and waited for everything to melt together and it was fine....
We also tried out the diapers we were given on our little giant! The Gro baby ones are seriously cool. I believe the new name is GroVia, but still super cool. They fit our little giant and we even have disposable inserts to take with us when we're out and about! Thank you new friend from base who also cloth diapers your little one! We think these are awesome so as soon as my swagbucks gift cards for amazon come through I'm ordering one from there and I still have some store credit at Franklin goose so I'll order one from there as well! Yay free or discounted stuff!
We also tried the Hiney Lineys and they are super nice. I really liked them, but I have a little giant and he's almost grown out of the mediums, but I have a lovely friend who also cloth diapers so I'll pass them on to her! With some clothes cause my little giant just grows right through them all like a weed! We also used the Goodmama one she gave us and that is the freakin' softest diaper I have ever seen and felt on a baby....I think it needs a cover but we used it without one cause it was so freakin' cute! I would LOVE to have more Goodmamas but they are currently not in my budget and to find a used one someone hasn't snatched up is near impossible! Trust me I started looking last night and emailed a billion people! If you know of another cloth diapering sight let me know!!

As for my goals I've lost 10lbs which is nice :) A friend even noticed or she was just being really nice! LOL either way I'm happy with that and to make things even sweeter I think our scale is off by like 7lbs so I'm not as heavy as I thought LMAO or at least I'm hoping the scale at the clinic isn't off!!! Now a new goal of five more pounds is in site...I'm not doing big goals just small ones for now since I'm still learning to handle motherhood lol.
My house is just about under control. I almost have this being a mommy, cleaning, cooking, and just living down! Man was it hard to adjust to my little bundle of joy because I just wanted to make him happy at all times LOL.
I am doing really good at sticking to our budget. I wish I could spend less on groceries still but we shall see if I can get it to come down a little bit more. I have been using a lot of budget friendly meals, but man do a lot of them use ground beef and I've never really been a fan so its so hard for me to eat LOL. I try though I really do and I'm trying to make sure they are healthier meals cause I don't need the weight and neither does my big giant! Plus now with my little giant eating baby food our bill has gone up a little so I'll find a way to bring it down a little...maybe cutting out my soda which I don't need but I'm oh so addicted too!
I almost have my front room organized and gave away a bunch and I mean a bunch of clothes I think the rest I'm just going to bag up and donate to the clothing drive on base. If you could have seen how much I gave away you'd be surprised and to think I went through them all before we moved here got rid of a ton. Did it agian at the first house in Italy and then again here only to give literally the biggest garbage bag of clothes ever to a friend and I still have an ass load! But the will be gone this weekend my friends!
I also start another class this fall. I am only taking two. One each term and limiting myself so I don't overwhelm myself becaue after all I have my child and doggies to take care of now! But when I'm done with these two classes I will be officially half way done with my degree! Yay me! No associates because I'm still a few classes short for that one...need a math and a couple classes I can't take until I take that math class, so the hubby and I are going to have to figure it out so I can take it in person because there is no way in hell I'm going to take a math class online! Its been like 8 years since I took one!


Oh and daddy got baby a new teddy bear and he loves it! So cute!


The Longs in Italy.... said...

-First, way to go on the 10 pounds lost! That is great!

- I would add a can of ro-tel to the recipe! It would probably be good in it and could not hurt!

- I think a great low budget thing is a whole chicken. Cook it and then you can use the meat for a number of things! I bought the biggest one I could find not long ago and I got 3 different meals out of that thing!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Michelle said...

Yay on 10lbs! I need to do the same. Just a small goal too. I've kinda cut soda out. I am down to one a day. Instead I just drink more tea and water.

I have to agree with the chicken thing. I do the same! I am not a fan of ground beef either. Only in spaghetti, that's it. But we eat NOTHING BUT chicken in this house. So one day I'll make enchiladas, the next shredded chicken tostadas, then chicken fettucini. Or simply make chicken tacos. And when I am home alone in the afternoons I make me a chicken salad for lunch. I buy chicken breast on sale in bulk and freeze it in portions big enough for one meal. Then when I am ready I take it out and cook it. Easy Peasy!

Michelle said...

P.S. I am starting back up with my blogging and I have some recipe posts waiting... so look out for those for ideas.